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The Foundation for Excellence is pleased to announce that 2022 Horizon Grant applications are now available.

The Horizon Grant helps high school juniors explore areas of talent or interest during the summer between the junior and senior year.

The Foundation for Excellence encourages District 202 high school students to pursue excellence by participating in summer studies of topics that mesh with student talents and interests.

The Horizon Grant may be used to help fund summer experiences in areas such as art, music, theater, dance, science, mathematics, literature, technology, civic engagement or student leadership.

Students are encouraged to explore areas of interest and broaden their horizons through workshops, classes, field studies, internships or conferences.

Multiple grants* will be awarded to help fund out-of-district summer learning experiences designed to enrich, enhance and expand student awareness of and participation in a focused area of study.

Last summer, eight high school juniors took part in enriching learning experiences with the help of a Horizon Grant. These students traveled to North Carolina, Georgia, New York and throughout Illinois for summer study opportunities in their fields of interest.

What horizons would you like to explore?

Let the Horizon Grant help you expand your vision of what's possible.

*Individual grants may not cover total program cost depending on available funds. Total funding for all awarded grants will not exceed $4,000.

Student Information:
First Name:

Last Name:

Email Address:

Main Contact Phone Number:




Zip Code:


Horizon Experience Information:

Please provide details about the enriching experience in which you would like to participate during the summer (May 30-August 12) of 2022

Experience Title:




*Individual grants may not cover total program cost depending on available funds. Total funding for all awarded grants will not exceed $4,000.

About the Horizon Experience:
How will this experience "broaden your horizons" and "enrich, enhance and expand" your awareness in this area of study?

Upload a brochure, publicity information from a web site or other material with details about the learning experience to this application form.

*file must be in pdf format



I am the parent/guardian of the applicant and am aware that he/she is applying for the Horizon Grant to be used during the summer (May 30-August 12) of 2022. If my child is selected, I understand that the Foundation will fund the grant when proof of enrollment is verified. I agree that any grant funds received must be used for expenses related to an enriching learning experience which will take place during the summer (May 30-August 12) of 2022.

***If for any reason my child is unable to participate in the learning experience, the grant money will be returned to the Foundation for Excellence.

Parent Name:

Parent Phone:
*(Parents may be called to confirm their signature)

I agree and acknowledge the terms above.


I certify that I will have completed my junior year in high school by May 2022 and am eligible to be considered for the Horizon Grant. I have read and understand the guidelines for receiving a grant. I agree to abide by these guidelines.

I agree and acknowledge the terms above.


All applications are due by 5 p.m. on April 22, 2022

Winners will be announced by May 5, 2022