Hall of Fame Gallery

District 202 has many outstanding alumni who have used their education and experience to become successful, positive contributors to society. The Foundation for Excellence Alumni Hall of Fame has been established to recognize and showcase outstanding graduates as part of the Foundation’s work to promote excellence and achievement for learners in District 202.

2018 Alumni Hall of Fame

Sergeant Eric Munson
Jean (Smith) Brannen
Dr. Jennifer (White) Kelsall

2017 Alumni Hall of Fame

Barbara (Anderson) Barrows
Greg Chapman
Terry D’Arcy
Dr. Allen Saxon
Charles (Chuck) Willard

2016 Alumni Hall of Fame

Dr. Amber Kujath
Catherine Fletcher
Tom Hensel
Linda DiLeo
Dr. Lee Gehrke

2015 Alumni Hall of Fame202FoundationLogo

John M. Berst
Roger W. Sebby
Dr. Lea Johnson
Mr. Justin Ahrens

2014 Alumni Hall of Fame

Collins, Mike

2013 Alumni Hall of Fame

Bender, Cliff
Lutter, Bonnie
Ryan, Jeff

2012 Alumni Hall of Fame

Avery, Judy
Saxon, Burt

2011 Alumni Hall of Fame

Barnes, Bradley
Cozzi, Christopher
Hamilton, Karen
Ruddy, Julie

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